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welcome to the third wave of energy information

Face it: public oil & gas data is a dumpster fire. Regardless of where, from whom, or how you get your data, you and your fellow professionals are dealing with technologies born from the days of 56K dialups when "big" data was limited to what could fit on a CD-ROM. 

The third wave of energy information is here. Born in the age of broadband access, social media, big data, analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the IOT, we are at the precipice of a revolution in one of the oldest industries in America. These new technologies will create lasting change, and Oseberg is poised to lead the way.

your challenges. our solutions.

Our journey begins with land, but it doesn't end there. We know you need the rest of the story: what your competitors are up to, where activity is headed, how wells are being completed, how much wells are producing, where water is being injected, what chemicals are being used in frac jobs, who's selling assets to whom, what leases are in jeopardy, etc.

We've got it all because you need it all.

  • activity intelligence

    With Oseberg, you can plan your future by keeping an eye on what’s happening in your backyard and beyond.

  • determine current spacing

    Determine current spacing and field rules, plotting your next move and tipping your competitors’ hands.

  • explore open acreage

    Accelerate your search for open acreage in hot plays, while minimizing your investment in time, money, and manpower.

  • streamline A&D due diligence

    Expedite your A&D by systematically collecting all the information you need to support your asset analysis.

  • clean frac data

    Access millions of rows of normalized and standardized frac data in a clean, user-friendly searchable interface.


  • atla

    A powerful data access & mapping engine: Atla is our desktop app with a data exploration interface that gives you full access to Oseberg's leading land, regulatory, and well data at both macro and micro levels.
  • sól

    Search and alerting on demand. Sól is all bang for reasonable buck, giving even the nimblest operations lightning-fast access to massive amounts of industry data that isn’t just valuable – it’s crucial.
  • oseFrac

    Demystifying hydraulic fracturing data. Analyzing the data behind even one hydraulic fracturing job requires nothing short of heroic effort. We’ve done all the legwork so you can focus on both high-level trends within frac data and detailed analysis of frac recipes across the country.
  • dataStream

    A fire hose of raw insight. dataStream is an API that allows direct access to our datasets using RESTful web services, so you can control the stream of Oseberg data into your own systems.
  • map services

    No file transfers, direct connect, in synch versatile mapping solutions for lower-risk and more flexible data integration


speed & currency

You move fast. You can’t afford to work off of outdated data. At Oseberg, we strive to collect, standardize, and publish data as quickly as it's publicly available.

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ease of use

Analyzing data isn’t easy. Oseberg is. Our products have been designed specifically for this industry. A quick-to-learn and effortless-to-master interface combined with one of the industry’s best service teams ensure our products are simple yet powerful.

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completeness & accuracy

You don't have time to comb through piles of documents or incomplete datasets by hand, hoping to find the answers you need. We go straight for the insight, giving you access to complete, accurate, and relevant datasets you can trust, all available to export at the click of a mouse.

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data exports & integration

We support your need to export data in your favorite format (CSV, Excel, Shapefile) or access data directly via dataStream, our flexible, web service API.

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trends in data

In this industry, the ability to correctly forecast and spot the next emerging trend is the difference between winning and losing. With Oseberg, the predictive possibilities are endless because we focus on preparing the data for what you do best: analysis.

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