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jordan hoehne

operations specialist

jordan hoehne

With his liberal mindset and desire to change the status quo, Jordan is about as millennial as it gets. A serial entrepreneur and lifelong learner, Jordan changed his major no less than seven times during his stint at the University of Oklahoma, finally settling on Economics for which he earned both a Bachelor's and Master's degree.

Enterprising from a very young age, Jordan started his first business (a candy shop) at the age of 15! Outside of his work at Oseberg, Jordan feeds his entrepreneurial drive by DJing local events, importing ties from China, and flipping houses.

A travel fanatic, Jordan has been all over the world, road-tripping in North America, caravanning in Australia, and train-tripping in Europe. When he’s not exploring new places, you can find him trying his hand at soccer or cricket, networking at local tech events, co-authoring a book, and brushing up his skills in R and Python.