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work at oseberg.

A revolutionary business requires a revolutionary working environment. Come join us in changing an industry, and we’ll give all we have to offer.

perks and benefits.

  • 401(k) Plan, in which Oseberg will match any contribution you make, dollar for dollar, up to 4% of your earnings. 

  • Subsidized health insurance (we will pay your premium, and you will be responsible for the premium for your dependents).

  • Vision and dental plans.

  • Paid vacation ranging from 2 to 4 weeks each calendar year you are employed by Oseberg, plus paid vacation for holidays.

  • Every three years, each employee is granted a month-long paid sabbatical.

flexible work environment.

We recognize that life, kids, homes, etc. happen, that’s why we honor flexible work hours and offer remote working opportunities.

okc office   remote office 


education budget.

Oseberg values self-improvement, education, community building, cand leadership, so we encourage our employees to present at conferences, attend classes, or otherwise better themselves.

We have an education budget for each member of each team after their first year of employment, which could be used for online courses, trainings or conferences.

other office perks.

  • Weekly “Fika” meetings, during which company culture is discussed over beer. In Nordic culture, Fika (pronounced “Fee-kuh”) is a coffee break. Everyone has something to contribute during these meetings, so every employee is encouraged to attend.

  • Regular office lunches and team-building activities.

  • Height-adjustable standing desks.

employee testimonials

We don’t accept what's “good enough” just because it’s the status quo...

cris byers, data & web services product manager

CrisBeing a part of the Oseberg crew gives this general feeling that we are doing cool stuff that’s new and innovative. We don’t accept what's “good enough” just because it’s the status quo; instead we apply our creative problem solving skills and innovative way of thinking to come up with new technology-based solutions for old problems.

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A “warrior’s spirit and servant’s heart” is my favorite value and daily reminder to grow and learn while serving my teammates and clients...

Alli IOseberg’s approach to thinking differently about solving problems for the industry is what I’m most proud of when I tell people I work here. Our culture and value system is also special and inspiring. A “warrior’s spirit and servant’s heart” is my favorite value and daily reminder to grow and learn while serving my teammates and clients; I can’t think of a more fulfilling way to spend my days. 

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At Oseberg, I feel an integral part of the crew rather than just a cog in a machine...

zachary mays, app team lead

 ZachMays150x150_1.jpg I’ve worked at Oseberg for almost 5 years. I’ve had different positions and ideas on how I want to improve things or tackle challenges, and Oseberg has always been receptive to letting me try new things. I have a lot of freedom here and I feel an integral part of the crew rather than just a cog in a machine.

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The culture is probably what I’m most proud of at oseberg.

jenny wilkison, operations lead

Jenny WThe culture is probably what I’m most proud of at Oseberg. It’s open, honest, collaborative, young, exciting, chill, supportive and motivated. Having a group of motivated adults who can push out a great product while maintaining a fun, positive and causal atmosphere is the type of culture anyone who envisions starting a company would think "yeah, that’s what I want.

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open positions

  • Natural Language Processing Engineer

    Oklahoma City & Remote

    We are looking for a scientist and engineer experienced in the field of Natural Language Processing. You will be tasked with helping build an information extraction pipeline for a variety of oil and gas documents.You will be responsible for experimental design and will work with a team of existing engineers to deploy your systems in production. You will also work with analysts and operations personnel to advise in the creation of relevant training data.

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  • Client Success Manager

    Oklahoma City and Houston

    Our clients’ success is Oseberg’s livelihood. As a Client Success Manager, you will do interesting and challenging work required to ensure our clients derive maximum value and success from their relationship with Oseberg.

    learn more
  • Sales Executive

    Dallas or Houston

    As a Sales Executive, you will prospect a large territory in the broadest swath of our addressable market.  When you’re successful, you will make a highly visible impact on Oseberg’s growth rate and be well rewarded for your results.

    learn more
  • Enterprise Account Executive


    Make a highly visible impact on Oseberg's growth rate, and be well rewarded for your results. We are looking for a true sales professional who can cultivate lasting relationships with Oseberg's largest prospects and clients.

    learn more
  • OseLaunch: Oseberg's Internship Program

    Oklahoma City

    An opportunity to work in an exciting environment, where you can develop skills with some of the best and brightest in the tech start-up industry.

    learn more

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