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Chickasaw Royalty Builds a Position in the STACK

Published on June 18, 2018


Oklahoma Frac Activity

  • Using oseFrac, we easily created a chart of the 10 most active operators in the STACK by the number of frac jobs completed in 2018. It should be no surprise that Alta Mesa, Newfield, Devon, and Continental are at the top. The question we now want to know: will this trend stay the same throughout 2018?

Oklahoma Leasing Activity

  • To give you a clearer picture of leasing activity in Oklahoma, we have added assignments as an instrument type we consider, along with leases and memos, when determining the top 25 lessees in Oklahoma

  • Unaware of the role assignments play in leasing? Assignments track the transfer of a lease from one entity to another. This information is very helpful when tracking activity. Assignments are counted by the number of filings that occurred; that means a single filing could include thousands of acres!

  • Chickasaw Royalty is at the center of this week’s leasing report. In the last 30 days, they acquired more than 30,000 gross acres in Kingfisher County from Paloma Partners, we were able to see this by looking at the assignments.

report_bar_chart_leases_ok_email.png report_township_choropleth_leases_ok_blog.jpeg

Oklahoma Spacing Filings 

  • EOG is currently spacing the most wells in Oklahoma and continues to take advantage of their acreage in Grady and McClain counties.  

report_bar_chart_spacing_ok_blog.jpeg report_township_choropleth_spacing_ok_blog.jpeg

Oklahoma Completion Filings




Oklahoma Pooling Applications

  • Newfield’s recent pooling orders in Custer County reveal that their completed well costs are averaging $8.6 MM. 



Oklahoma Drilling Intents Filed

  • Echo Energy has filed 9 permits within the same section in McClain County. Compared to other recent activity in the SCOOP/STACK, this is not a major piece of information. However, looking at filings over the last two years, Echo only filed 10 permits prior to these recent filings. Is Echo one to watch in the SCOOP?


report_bar_chart_intents_ok_blog.jpeg report_township_choropleth_intents_ok_blog.jpeg

Oklahoma Transfer Activity

  • Red Rocks Oil & Gas acquired more than 100 wells in the SCOOP from Basin Operating Services.

report_bar_chart_transfers_ok_blog.jpeg report_township_choropleth_transfers_ok_blog.jpeg

Oklahoma Location Exceptions

report_bar_chart_location_ok_blog.jpeg report_township_choropleth_location_ok_blog.jpeg

Oklahoma Increased Density Filings