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For the love of data and design: Oseberg unveils new website

December 4, 2017

We’ve been head down for months, combining our love of data and design in order to share with you a brand new website. The URL may be the same, but this site will take your understanding of public oil and gas data to a whole new frontier: 

The new is not only beautiful, it also conveys our passion and personality in a way that we hope will make you just as excited to use our products as we are to have built them. 


We’ve connected custom photography, research and deeply buried data sources to provide you with a great experience that is both elegant and entertaining. To that end, you’ll find: 

use cases

Have a look around and share with us any feedback you have. Take a gander, explore some unchartered territory, swallow an ounce of truth serum, and tell us what you think.

Finally, Atla users – stay tuned, we have some exciting new features for you being released later this week!