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What the Frac is up with WPX Energy in the Delaware Basin?

Texas Weekly Report - 07/10/18


Texas Frac Jobs

  • Check out the level of detail you can quickly get to with oseFracWhat have you heard about WPX Energy in the Delaware Basin recently?

  • Out of the seven wells on a new pad (serviced primarily by Roywell services and SLB) targeting the Wolfcamp formation in the Delaware Basin, there were three crosslinked frac jobs and four hybrid linear gel and slickwater jobs.

  • We noticed an outlier in the data, one well on the 7-well pad showed a higher than average amount of proppant and water usage on a per foot basis. This well was a slickwater frac that used 10% more water and almost 5% more proppant than all other wells on the pad.

  • We were able to gain these insights within minutes using the user-friendly search and pivot functionality tool in oseFrac.

oseFrac analysis of WPX Energy Frac Jobs

  • What does this mean? Well, one possible scenario is there were issues during the frac that caused excessive water and proppant to be used. It’s also possible that frac did not go as planned and they were required toadd more fluid to displace the sand.

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Texas Intents to Drill

  • Endeavor, focused in the Midland Basin, remains the most active operator in Texas.

  • However, Sable Permian has been slowly creeping up our list. Two weeks ago they didn’t crack the top 25, now they are in the top 10! Most of Sable’s activity is focused in the southern Midland Basin, in Reagan and Iron counties.

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