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catch the latest insight on the ever-changing oil and gas industry.

Download below at any time special reports and insights produced by our team of data scientists and industry experts. 


  • Oklahoma Lease Scheduling by County

    Oseberg offers leasing data from all Oklahoma county records online (including leases, assignments, deeds, partial assignments, memos, etc.) as well as from the following counties: Canadian, Cleveland, Creek, Oklahoma, Payne, Pottawatomie, Woods, Caddo, Garfield, Grady & Hughes. Download a map that shows how far back and with what frequency we update our lease dataset in each of these counties.

  • OseData: Operators & Average Completion Times

    This is a quick glance at how long, on average, it takes these operators to complete a well once the permit is approved (Approval Date on the Permit to the Completion Date on the Completion Form).

  • How Often Does Spacing Lead to a Permit?

    We asked ourselves how often a spacing leads to a permit, an indicator which is typically a telltale sign of activity in an area – damn useful to monitor if you are trying to stay ahead of the competition or plan services around upcoming activity. Here’s what we found:

  • Oseberg Energy Insight: Special Report on Oklahoma Leasing

    Last week we started digging around in our data and promised a special report on leasing activity in Oklahoma over the last 12 months. Here’s what we found: